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About Me

My name is Colin Rietdijk, I was born on april 18th 1985 in Rotterdam. I have lived in Rotterdam untill I reached the age of 18. We then moved to Friesland and now I live in Assen, Drenthe with my partner.

I started 'riding' when I was only 4 years old. Up to the age of 15 I rode dressage and after taking only one westernriding lesson with Alida van 't Hoff, I decided I wanted to switch to westernriding completely. Not long after that we started looking for a ridingfacility nearby the place we lived. I then started riding at the Greup Stables in Oud Beijerland. I started taking lessons from Michel Sandijck and Angelique Ferdinandus.

For my 16th birthday, my parents bought me my first horse. A 2 year old Paint Horse stallion, Buddy Shoshone. We had him gelded and broken in by Michel Sandijck. When he was broke to ride, I started training him myself, under supervision of Michel and Angelique, who have both taught me a lot. With Buddy I wanted to compete in reining and that's what we started training for.

We moved to Friesland when I was 18. I got an internship at the Blue Jackeroo Stables near Drachten. Buddy didn't turn out to be the reining horse we thought and I decided to start training him in a more pleasure kind of way. I showed him a lot of times, mostly in Western Horsemanship and Trail, which we did quite successfully.

One year later, in 2004, I went to America with Natascha Holtrop. We stayed and trained with Bill Fleming for 6 weeks. We broke in a few horses and even got the chance to show a few of them. I learned a lot from Bill and as soon as I get the chance, I would love to go back to train with Bill again.

When I came back from Amerika, I got the oppertunity to start an internship with Karin van Bekkum (TIP Quarter Horses). In 2 months time, I have learned a lot from Karin, especially concerning Halter. I had the opportunity to assist Karin in preparing horses for show, taking care of the horses and she showed me the ropes of bigger shows.

In october 2004 I moved Buddy to the Sylvester Ranch, where I trained and took lessons from Sylva van der Wal up untill 2007. I didn't take long untill I got the chance to train and show the well known palomino stallion Generals Golden Boy. We did quite well at the shows. I have also broken in, trained and shown other horses, such as Sandys General Kato, one of Golden Boy's kids. In 2005 I decided to sell Buddy and purchase an other horse, namely his halfbrother, Must Be The Moves.

Must Be The Moves, also known as Stip, was already 4 years old when he came to our stable and was a real bronco. In a few months time, I was able to train him to become a Dutch Champion. Stip has been very successfull in the showpenn in Western Pleasure as well as Hunter Under Saddle.

Stip was sold in 2007 and since then I have mainly concentrated on other people's horses. I began riding on a more professional basis and Halter, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship and Hunter have my main interest. In 2009 CR Performance Horses became a fact.

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